LMExam Cloud


Digital Examinations - Anywhere, Anyplace

Our paperless digital platform empowers institutions to conduct exams effectively, enhancing learning outcomes while addressing remote proctoring concerns.

Flexible and Fast

Offering a comprehensive set of features, including test, assessment, and high-stake exam capabilities with flexible options. Our Cloud services are not restricted to a particular device or geography. They offer an opportunity for any institution to use their existing capabilities and infrastructure and go digital.


Yes, LMExam Cloud enables anyone to bring their very own examination device. Our services enable any institution to leverage its own student laptops, tablets, and mobiles. With built-in encryption and biometric authentication, they also support online and offline modes. This gives flexibility to the institution. The need for the internet is eliminated.

Comprehensive Features

Additionally, our cloud services also allow for hybrid exams, audio-video responses, and more digital tools. Through the Cloud, the Institution can facilitate authoring, question banking, and also explore robust evaluation features.

Analytics and Intelligence

Apart from authoring, LMExam Cloud offers powerful digital proctoring, data-driven insights, and thorough reports.